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Events 2011

25 November: International Perspectives on the High North: Views from Brussels, Washington and Oslo. Seminar on the Norwegian government's white paper on the High North at The Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies, Oslo.

16-20 November: ACSUS biennial conference: Section on the Arctic/North
Call for submissions 

12 October: Damien Degeorges: Greenland's state-building in a changing Arctic, seminar at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies.

3-4 October: The Arctic in Transition: Regional Issues and Geopolitics, UQAM, Montreal.

3-6 September: Open Assembly of the Northern Research Forum, Our Ice Dependent World. Venue: Hveragerdi, Iceland. More information and registration here.

12 July: CSIS Conference: Artic oil and gas developments. Venue: CSIS, Washington D.C.

6 July: SWP colloquium on Actic Security. Read more here.

29 June: CSIS disussion: Arctic horizons: views from the Departments of Defense and State. Venue: CSIS, Washington D.C. 

22 June: Seminar: Safety at sea in the Arctic. Maritime and environmental challenges. Venue: The European Parliament. 

19-21 June: The Actic imperative summit. Venue: Girdwood, Alaska. 

13-15 June: Conference: The changing Arctic: souvereignty, resources and security. The Kingston conference on international security, with Suzanne Lalonde, Rob Huebert, Niklas Granholm, Lassi Heininen and Lawson Brigham.
Venue: Kingston Ontario Canada 

26 May: IFS and SWP Seminar: Norway and Northern Europe in the post-Lisbon European security framework, Brussels. A number of programme researchers from Germany and Norway participated. See seminar report here

26 May - 1 June: 2011 Calotte academy. Venues: Inari in Finland, Kirkenes in Norway and Apatity in Russia

26 April: The new Arctic. Building cooperation in the time of emerging challenges. Venue: The Swedish Institute of International Affairs

3 May: Seminar: 2011 Henry Bacon seminar on Arctic security and technology - challenges and opportunities in the emerging Arctic, Washington DC. Programme researcher Ingrid Lundestad, IFS, participated. Seminar programme

24 May: Seminar: The role of the EU in Arctic resaearch - The European added value of a policy-science-interface, The European Parliament. Organized by the EU Arctic Forum Brussels in cooperation with the University of the Arctic and the International Arctic Science Committee.  

13 April: Seminar: Experiences from Cooperation in the European Arctic - in Arctic Shipping, Resources, Indigenous People, Fishing - EU Arctic Policy and the regional BEAC cooperation, The European Parliament

12-13 April: The second international Geopolitics in the High North conference will take place in Murmansk, Russia. 

15-16 March: Transatlantic Forum on Cooperation in the Arctic. Joining Efforts of Neighboring and Non-Neighboring Countries on Economic, Security and Safety Issues
, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Berlin, with Katarzyna Zysk.

14 March: The Arctic Region – A Challenge for Global Governance. What Role for the EU? 
Experts’ Roundtable: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Brussels, with Katarzyna Zysk. 

1 March: Conference 
A More Accessible Arctic:
Myths, Facts and Issues Ahead
A More Accessible Arctic:  Myths, Facts and Issues Ahead.
Venue: The Polish institute of international affairs  

2 March: Seminar: Europe and the Arctic. Venue: University of Kent at Brussels

Speakers: Ambassador Oda Helen Sletnes (Norwegian Ambassador to the EU), and Mr Steffen Weber (Secretary General of the EU-Arctic Forum and Chief Adviser on the Arctic Report, EP) 

9 February: Russia Expert Group. Russian Views and Policies in the Arctic, RAND Corporation, with Katarzyna Zysk 

23-28 January: The Arctic Frontiers conference takes place in Tromsø, Norway. 
Among the speakers at the policy section were: 

Among the speakers at the science section were: 

For more information , see the Arctic frontiers web site

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