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Actors and patterns of cooperation and conflict
Russia, Norway and the High North - Past, Present, Future
The United States in the 21 Century Arctic
Defining an Interest: The European Union and the High North
The Power of Energy
Law of the Sea and Ocean Governance
Climate Change and Environmental Protection

Murmansk Oblast

In this paper Daniel Fjærtoft examines the development of Murmansk oblast nearly twenty years after the signing of the Kirkenes Declaration. Read the paper here.



In Prospects for the Internationalization of Murmansk Oblast Fjærtoft examines federal and regional policy forces influencing the balance between a development of Murmansk oblast characterized by greater openness and economic internationalization on the one hand and greater securitization and ‘closedness’ on the other.

Although the outlook for oil and gas development heralds greater interaction with the outside community, important forces are found limit the scope for Murmansk to culture regional development based on international cooperation. In the absence of breakthroughs in the oil and gas sector, securitization measures are found to have the most visible impact on the region’s trajectory.

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