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What is "geopolitics"?

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The term geopolitics reflects the connection between power and interests, strategic decision-making, and geographic space.

The contemporary use of the term deviates radically from its origin in the late 19th century. Originaly "geopolitics" reflected an understanding of international affairs strongly influenced by Social Darwinism. It also signalled a cynical realist view of international affairs, with limited belief in the significance of multilateralism, global norms or international law.

As used in this programme, "geopolitics" denotes the interplay of natural resources, strategic dominance and geographic space on the one hand, and the various state and non-state actors pursuing individual as well as collective interests on the other.

However, linkeage to earlier useage of the term is not entirely broken. The growing use of the term in the public sphere signals a need for a term that reflects the renaissance of great power rivalry and the rise of multipolarity in the early 21st century. 

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