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Actors and patterns of cooperation and conflict
Russia, Norway and the High North - Past, Present, Future
The United States in the 21 Century Arctic
Defining an Interest: The European Union and the High North
The Power of Energy
Law of the Sea and Ocean Governance
Climate Change and Environmental Protection

Actors and patterns of cooperation and conflict


2009: Six ambassadors of NATO-member countries went on a study trip in northern Norway after the NATO Parliamentary Assembly session in Oslo 

After the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Oslo, the Norwegian Ambassador to NATO, Kim Traavik, invited five of his fellow ambassadors on a study trip to Northern Norway. It was the German Ambassador Ulrich Brandenburg, the Rumanian Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, the British Ambassador Stewart Eldon, the Estonian Ambassador Jüri Luik and the Danish ambassador Per Poulsen-Hansen.

The study trip started with a visit at the Norwegian Foreign Ministers Jonas Gahr Støre’s office. At the Parliamentary congress Mr. Støre emphasised the importance of NATO attention on the security issues of the High Norht. Mr. Støre believes that the biggest challenges in the north will be issues concerning climate, energy and security at sea. In Kirkenes the ambassadors were told about the good results of Norwegian-Russian cooperation projects.


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