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The United States in the 21 Century Arctic
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The United States in the 21 century Arctic

Europe and the US: Is the honeymoon over? Seminar with Heather Conley, CSIS

18 August 2009: Heather Conley, director of the Europe programme at CSIS, asked if the transatlantic honeymoon is over. She assesed the relationship between the United States and Europe seven months into Obama's presidency.

Barack Obama’s election victory was widely endorsed in Europe. The core of his political outlook and his proclivity for political argument dovetails what many Europeans appreciate. No surprise therefore that his profound popularity lingers. Yet, there is a possibility that the European enthusiasm towards the new administration glosses over substantial policy differences across the Atlantic.

Urgent issues, such as how to win in Afghanistan, how to counteract and prevent a new financial crisis, how to deal with Russia and how to put a stop to global warming, can conceivably elicit disagreement and discord. Additionally, other regions of the world will certainly demand Obama’s attention. Indeed, there is no guarantee that the cultivation of the transatlantic relationship will be prioritized. Will the European Obama ease eventually give way to discontent? Is the honeymoon over?

See the seminar report here.


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