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Actors and patterns of cooperation and conflict
Russia, Norway and the High North - Past, Present, Future
The United States in the 21 Century Arctic
Defining an Interest: The European Union and the High North
The Power of Energy
Law of the Sea and Ocean Governance
Climate Change and Environmental Protection

The power of energy

Energy security is back on the international political agenda and the European-Russian energy game is complex. In this new working paper Dag Harald Claes (University of Oslo) and Øistein Harsem (University of Tromsø) discuss the political factors which make the Arctic energy resources, in particular natural gas, increase or decrease the energy security of Europe.

By drawing from existing literature about ‘economic statecraft’ we will show that natural gas can, through decision makers, play an important role in the future energy supplies to Europe, however, there are important political roadblocks, in addition to geological, technological and economic challenges. 

Are Arctic energy resources a curse or a blessing for European energy security? Click here to download the working paper



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