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Actors and patterns of cooperation and conflict
Russia, Norway and the High North - Past, Present, Future
The United States in the 21 Century Arctic
Defining an Interest: The European Union and the High North
The Power of Energy
Law of the Sea and Ocean Governance
Climate Change and Environmental Protection

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Aiming at establishing an international pool of expertise with value for many years to come, the Geopolitics in the High North Programme will organize several international conferences and workshops. This research programme will give the highest priority to user value. A primary aim of the programme is to create an updated body of knowledge on High North policies, contributing to:

  • New knowledge, new approaches and scholarly based policy recommendations
  • Development of research competence in Norway and abroad
  • Involvement of international academic centres of excellence
  • Dialogue with primary users on issues of direct policy relevance

Listed below are major activities for dissemination, networking and consultation:

  • International conferences: The programme will organise four international conferences, one in Tromsø, one in Washington, DC, one in Berlin and one in Moscow. The venues will aim to gather experts, decision-makers, business representatives and military leaders.
  • Workshops and seminars: A number of smaller workshops and seminars will be organised by the Work Packages in order to discuss themes from the various projects.
  • This internet site will serve to disseminate results from ongoing research, announce venues, and invite external views and opinions. This website will also supply relevant graphic material, statistics and maps.
  • A High North research network: There is a lack of an international network for experts working on High North issues in various fields of research and development. The programme will take steps to establish such an interdisciplinary network. In practice
    it will consist of a list of e-mail addresses and a regular e-mail newsletter with links to topical news articles on the High North.
  • Annual meetings with partners: Meetings between representatives from the partner institutions in the Geopolitics in the High North Programme will take place annually, normally in connection with the Programme’s international conferences.
  • Advisory Board: The Geopolitics in the High North Programme established an Advisory Board drawing its members from government ministries, the petroleum industry, shipping companies and the military. Meetings with the Advisory Board will take place at least once a year.
  • Reference Group: The Programme will establish close cooperation with the Norwegian Research Council’s Reference Group and present results of the programme activities twice a year.

Overall, the programme will put energy into establishing a pool of competence on a wide spectrum of High North issues. The international conferences, the workshops and website, the international network, the Advisory Board and the Reference Group will all be part of this effort. The aim is not only to produce new knowledge, but to establish arenas and channels to make this information available to interested groups and the society at large.

The researchers will write articles for the daily press, supply media comments on demand, participate in the general public debate, teach at colleges and universities, and participate in conferences organised by other actors. The pool of expertise and the international network garnered by the programme will be of value for many years to come.

The conference was mentioned in US (Foreign policy) and Norwegian media (Aftenposten).

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  The GeoPolitics in the High North research programme is now terminated, and the programme website will be preserved through 2016, but not updated.
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