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Auto Insurance Reviews – What Most People Did Not Know About Progressive Insurance

In recent years, auto insurance reviews have grown in popularity and are now available online to anyone interested. Mainstream auto insurance providers tend to fall into this group, often offering standard auto insurance and catering mainly to older drivers. These companies typically set rates according to age, driving history, location, and, often, gender and marital status. This is certainly a wise way to go about insuring your vehicle but there are other less common providers that may be just as good.

auto insurance reviews

When reading a consumer report on an auto insurance provider, take note of any discounts the provider offers. For instance, one company offers a discount for good grades while another offers a discount for having multiple vehicles insured with the company. There may also be discounts based upon your level of car ownership or even discounts for taking a driver training course or passing a defensive driving course. Any company can provide these discounts so be sure to check out all of them before deciding on one company over another.

You should also pay attention to any comments made by customers regarding both the services provided and customer service. Progressive Auto Insurance has consistently ranked very well in both categories – just check out some Progressive Insurance Reviews. Liberty Mutual offers a number of great customer service options including support via phone, email and even live chat. The auto insurance reviews do rate the company’s customer service though and it comes as no surprise given the positive feedback.

The customer service representatives are friendly and knowledgeable. The agents help you find the best coverage for the lowest price, whatever your needs. As a whole, the reviews are quite favorable regarding the level of assistance offered. Some people may prefer to go with a more generic insurance company because they feel more comfortable. For others, freedom mutual auto insurance reviews just happen to come through.

There was one issue though that many of the consumers complained about. They felt Liberty Mutual did not have nearly the coverage options available that they needed or wanted. Specifically, they felt Liberty Mutual did not cover enough for their needs. Surprisingly, the 10 percent figure that the company cited only applied to auto liability coverage.

Liberty Mutual did not cover other types of coverage such as collision or comprehensive. This is important because it means the person purchasing auto insurance from this provider will have more financial strength to deal with any eventuality, even if it is unforeseen. Many people do not have anything to fall back on when they get into an accident and they will end up paying for their own medical expenses. That is why it is better to have more financial strength in place to handle unexpected costs than to rely on the limited financial strength that your policy may give you.

In addition to these three issues, other customers were not satisfied with the car insurance coverage options that they purchased from Progressive Insurance. Specifically, they felt One customer commented that her husband ended up having to take out more than $6,000 in personal liability coverage to cover the cost of the accident. The couple is still currently dealing with the financial issues that resulted from this incident.

Hopefully you are now aware of some of the issues that consumers raised in their car insurance reviews. Progressive Insurance did offer a number of great coverage options and features. However, a large number of customers were not happy with the financial strength that this particular company offered. This is important because a number of other companies might be offering substantially lower premiums. If you need a great provider that provides affordable coverage then Progressive Insurance is an option that you could look into.